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I am a real estate investor / developer driven by a value approach.
In Milano, St. Moritz, London, Berlin and New York alone or in partnership I have acquired former industrial sites and period buildings.

Given their strategic location I/we transformed them into luxury neighborhoods where fashion and design artists can conceive and show their creations.

In Switzerland I purchased large and under performing hotels. A smart and elegant refurbishment will create charming residential spaces also through the introduction of new concepts (i.e.: Club, etc.).

I am looking for investments in big cities. The target investments would be large properties, residential, commercial or with uncommon uses (such as hotels in areas with short seasonal use; youth hostels; hospitals; schools; post offices; factories; warehouses); more precisely:

* 8,000 sqm +
* Vacant buildings considered
* Underperforming, well located hotels considered
* Landmark period buildings.

Often these uncommon properties offer better quality of life, leveraging on the abundance of space, height, light, green spaces and precious architectural features.

I/We have been successful in marketing many of our spaces to the world leaders in art, design and fashion.

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