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I am a real estate investor/developer driven by a value approach.
In Milan, St. Moritz, London, Berlin and New York I have acquired former industrial sites and period buildings, alone or in partnerships.

Given their strategic location I/we transformed them into luxury neighbourhoods where fashion and design artists can conceive and show their creations.

In Switzerland I purchased large and underperforming historical palace hotel. A smart and elegant refurbishment created charming residential spaces also through the introduction of new concepts (i.e. Clubhouse, apartments with kitchenettes).

I am looking for investments in big cities. The target investments would be large properties, residential, commercial or with uncommon uses (such as hotels in areas with short seasonal use, youth hostels, hospitals, schools, post offices, factories, warehouses) which fit the following criteria:

* 8,000 sqm +
* Vacant buildings considered
* Underperforming, well located hotels considered
* Landmark period buildings.

Often these uncommon properties offer better quality of life, leveraging on the abundance of space, height, light, green spaces and precious architectural features.

I/We have been successful in marketing many of our spaces to the world leaders in art, design and fashion.

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